There is not much to find when you look for Paraguayan literature in Europe. Since Augusto Roa Bastos, who may be called a Paraguayan Shakespeare, there has not been published any novel from that country in German.

One more reason for Nelson Aguilera to be very proud now: his novel “Flores en llamas” – “Blumen im Feuer” is closing the gap right now. In a thrilling story about a sick boy, a family ready to help and a ruthless clique from the high society, the reader gets to know everyday life in contemporary Paraguay.

Born in 1961, Aguilera felt passion for literature and theatre since he was a child. Being from a humble home, he managed to study at a good German School in Asunción thanks to the aid of a mentor, and later got a scholarship for literature studies in Scotland. At present he works in Asunción as an author, actor and teacher and has already published almost 50 books.

As the translator of the novel, I would warmly recommend it for anybody interested in this South American country, even and especially those who just sneaked off to look up Paraguay in their Geography books…

Order your book “Blumen im Feuer” by Nelson Aguilera here.

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