As a German Hispanist graduated and approved as an official translator in Costa Rica, I am experienced in trilingual and “triangular” translations between German, Spanish and English.


It is a fact that best translations are done from a perfectly dominated language into mother tongue. Additionally, for many projects it may be useful to produce texts in three languages at once, for instance in multi-lingual websites or touristic brochures. Texts will keep coherence with each other and a standardized wording, which makes communication with customers and business partners much easier. The other way round, possibly addressees of different origin and cultural background may have completely different needs of information, which may require a complete re-organization of contents within a presentation.

I will be happy to assist you with two decades of experience in translation of different subjects, mainly human, social, and cultural sciences, fiction, tourism and economy. As for text types, scientific and journalistic articles or books are my favorites, followed by marketing texts.

For the translation of entire websites, you may count on my comprehensive knowledge of the prevalent content management systems.