My trilingual service (German – English – Spanish) concentrates upon texts which aim to be a bridge between Germany/Europe and Latin America. It includes the following three levels:


Classical translations: You deliver a text, I will translate it into the target language.

Proofreading/Editing: You deliver a draft text, I will provide the finishing touch for publication.

Text creation: You deliver an idea, I will write the text.

My customers are companies, organizations as well as individuals active on both sides of the Atlantic and wish to have a texting service which takes into account the culture and way of thinking of the respective target group. May it be a marketing campaign, user instructions, a contract or even a novel – the reader not only needs a word-by-word translation of what you say in his language, but rather needs to know what you mean.

This site also includes a brief survey of my professional experience and main projects.

Of course all of my services are combinable with each other. Please do not hesitate to contact me  in case of any doubt, I will be happy to help!